Stara Zagora Zoo

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Stara Zagora Zoo

Stara Zagora


Created in 1957, Stara Zagora Zoo is situated in a picturesque site within the Ayazmoto Park, on an area of 240 000 sq. m.The Zoo is the home of more than 450 animals of 80 species - mammals, birds and amphibious. The visitors have the opportunity to see animals from all continents, except the Antarctic.A tradition in Stara Zagora Zoo is the successful breeding of the brown bear. Nine bear cubs were born here between 2002 and 2007, which are now part of the collections of other zoos throughout the country. It is not by chance that the statue of the two bear cubs, which meets the visitors at the zoo entrance, has become its symbol.

Working hours: 7 days per week December to April - from 8.30 to 17:30 May to November - from 8.30 to 19:00(on Mondays and Tuesdays - from 8.30 to 17:30)Entrance fees: children up to 7 - freestudents - 1.00 lv.adults - 2.00 lv.



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