Star Trail Time Lapses

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Star Trail Time Lapses

Star Trail Time Lapses

This star trail time lapse is showing where the north star is located in the sky. It barely moves compared to the other stars during time lapse videos.

This picture shows a star trail time lapse over water. You can also see where some shooting stars happened during the night.

This video was made around South East Queensland, Australia. It shows many locations where the sky was time lapsed to show the stars moving during the night.

This is a close up picture of the stars during a star trail time lapse.

Star Trails are caused by the Earth's rotation on it's axis. When the Earth rotates its axis always faces the north star. This causes all the other stars around it to look like they're moving as we rotate.

When you look at the pictures or videos you can see the north star because it's always at the center of the trails and barely moves in the videos. The north star is noticable because the Earth's axis is always facing towards it, so it looks like it stays in place.

This is a picture showing where the north star is in the sky with all of the other stars surrounding it.


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