Star Thingy

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Star Thingy

This is a Stellar Cloud full of gases constantly swirling around every which way.


This is a small star. It is just 's life and is blue or white in color and very hot.

The star is a few million to a few billion years old. As nuclear fusion inside the star begins to cease, the star expands into a Red Giant

This is whats called a Planetary Nebula. The star is at the very last bit of it's life and has now blon up from the gravity trying to make it collapse on itself.

In a last ditch effort, the star packs down so tightly to form a White Dwarf. This star is VERY dense and VERY hot. The star will now live the rest of it's as a White Dwarf until it burns out.

The Stellar Cloud has made a large star. It will be more orange or red in color, and way more luminous.

The star's fission as well is going out, but since it started out larger, it will grow into a Red Giant.

The massive giant has grown so big that it blows up in a colossal explosion scattering dust, wind, and light everywhere called a Supernova.

The Supernova has regrouped and turned into a Black Hole. Not much is known about Black Holes other than once an object crosses the Event Horizon, it is sucked in never to be seen again.

The Supernova has regroped to form a Neutron Star. This star is whats remaining of the neutrons of the Supernova and is very dense and will eventually burn out.


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