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When Archie said miracles don't last forever, I think he meant the physical change. However, every miracle will leave a lesson or image in someone's mind and that image may stay behind for generations to come. For example, when Jesus turned water into wine, the wine only lasted for that day, but this miracle shows that there is nothing God cannot do. This moral lasted for 2000 years already. Archi also said that Stargirl is like a miracle and he doesn't think she will last long. I think what he means by this is she is different and it is ok to not conform to society. Archie knows Stargirl will not last long because society today likes to make people change and everyone has a weakness.


The rise and fall of Jesus and Stargirl's popularity are extremely similar. They are always out of the ordinary and they are always known for something, either good or bad. When people first start recognizing them, crowds knew that they were different. Everyone wanted to be with them, but decided to follow the main crowd instead. Then as their populatiry grew, others hated them more. They both dropped dramatically at one point but came back as the ultimate survivor in the end of the story when the school dansed with Stargirl and when Jesus was recognized for his resurrection.

Rise and Fall

Silent Solitude

After class, I went home and looked for silence. It was hard, since there are always cars driving by and siblings that cry, but I recognized all I needed was silence inside my heart. At first, I didn't know what to do. I just sat there. Then I decided I had to do something so I prayed; and it may be the greatest prayer I've ever said. I can calm all my other thoughts and concentrate on God and my words only. Thanking God for what he's done and praying for the safety of others. But my solitude was different from the way Stargirl emptied herself. We have to remember that our body is a temple of God and we always need Him. If we erase ourselves, then we are erasing God in us as well, and there are many examples in the Bible that prove it isn't the best idea.

Leo needs to answer this questions with lots of thought because the answer will decide who he will choose to be with. If he chose Stargirl, then he will not care about all the shunning, as long as he is with her. Right now, he does care for others and want to be with her at the same time. That's not going to work. Matthew 10:16. Jesus said, “Look! I am sending you like sheep among wolves. Therefore, you should be wise and careful like snakes, and innocent like doves.” Jesus warned his desciples about following him, but they still followed him because they value him more than others. When Jesus said "follow me" it means be with Him. The desciples wanted to be with Jesus, so they followed him. If Jesus asked me to "follow him" then, I would hesitate. I don't want to leave my friends, although I understand He is everything.

The Value of Faith

An Act of Good Will

YouTube Video for something I did to help someone fit into church."Last time during church, there was a new grade 8 boy who started attending our church. He was really silent because he was like a complete stanger but our pastor asked me to go and converse with him, so I did. As we started greeting each other, he told me he was one of my old friends and he is a great person to be around with. He is funny and is very easy going. After helping him meet new brothers and sisters at the church, I felt like I am with God. I just did what he has sent us as christians to do, and it was a joy I hav never felt before."What Jesus meant in Matthew 6:5 and 6:16 is God sees everything. There is no need to show others because God is the one who is important. When we do good, we should keep quiet and not boast for the same reason. There was no reason for everyone to know what I did. I know it was the correct thing to do and God knows I did what I was supposed to do.

StarGlogI chose a forset sunset background because people think that the sunset and the forest is the easiest time to seek silence because Jesus did that many times. I wanted a background that represents solitude because I do not want any other thoughts when people read this Golg. I want them to only think about God's faith, miracles, and his never-ending Love.


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