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STAR - Catherine Bateson

Setting: This story was set in England. At the start of this story the characters live in an ordinary town, but they later move to the countryside. They live in a small, old house. Most of the events in the story take place at the school.


Star- Character Profile She is skinny and small. Has brown hair and blue eyes. Her clothes are cheap. She wants to wear jodphurs and horse riding gear. She is kind most of the time, but gets angry pretty easily. She likes Haiku poems, writing, horses, reading and japanese art. She dislikes her step siblings Talia and Gabe coming over. Her usual Moods are unhappy because she has no friends and her mum won't listen to her. Star has no friends at the start of the story. When she moved schools she got a friend called Franny. Her enemies\nemeses are Hayley a girl at Star's first school who used to be her best friend but was then really mean and Angie a girl at Stars new school who is really bossy.

Georgia- Character ProfileShe is tall, skinny, has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her clothing is stylish and expensive dresses.She is annoying, posh and selfish.Georgia likes going to parties.She dislikes Charlie (her ex- husband). Her usual mood is flustered. When she gets flustered she doesn't want the responsibility of looking after her children so she gives them to Charlie without much notice. Her friend is Nell (Star's mum). She doesn't like being around Charlie.

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PlotLife is hard for Star. She has to deal with bullying, her father's death, an old friend of her mother's (Charlie) who has just moved in and no-one seems to be listening to her. When Charlie tells Star's mum that he loves her and that they should move to the countryside Star dosen't know how to feel. This is a great book about a young girl going through some tough family problems.

I rate this book a 4/5 stars. It is good for 11 to 15 year old readers.

Written By Catherine Bateson By Zara Moore 6L



I really enjoyed reading this book. I didn't to want to put it down! If you are looking for a not too long novel you should pick this one.


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