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Standing Up Against Injustice.text set

Standing Up Aginst Injustice

Henry's Freedom Box demonstrates a young boys plan to fight against the injustice of slavery.As a slave, Henry was separated from his family, who were sold to another slave owner. Henry always dreamed of being reunited and comes up with a plan to escape his enslavement. He decides he is going to mail himself in a box to a place where slavery has been abolished.

This video demonstrates two fictional civilizations that stood up against an injustice their communities were facing. The creatures in each movie fight against the money hungry people that are trying to destroy their homes and lives.

Dr. Seuss' famous children's book, The Lorax, demonstrates the effects consumerism has on the environment and how it can affect the community in which the resources come from. The Lorax is a creature from a community whose resources are being extracted and he personally tries to fight against the injustice that is ruining his home.

One is a book about standing up to bullies and individuality. This book promotes standing up against injustice because it encourages bystanders to get involved if they see bullying. This book takes it back to the basics by not having people characters but using colors to represent different personalities of people.

Mocking Jay, the third book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, demonstrates Kantiss' fight against the injustice that is the Capitol; the post-apocalyptic and corrupt government. By a turn of events she realizes that her own rebel group is responsible for significant injustices. Katniss decides to take things into her own hands and kills the president of her own rebel group in order to stand up for what is right.



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    Great topic. I was recently speaking with my students about this in a topic on ethical issues. Students that age know the difference between right and wrong, but they have a hard time understanding that laws can also be unjust. I like how you connected Avatar to the topic. All of your texts and visuals connect very well. Good job!