Standing on The Edge

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Standing on The Edge

Recognizing the Right Choice We must realize that it is important to help for our friend by seeking help and making the right choice. It is our responsibility and duty to take action once we are confronted with this dilemma. As a friend we must recognize that suicide is not the answer! However, through moral reasoning we are able to find answers to assist our friend to understand the importance and value of his or her life.Should we not help our friend recognize the importance and value of life, there are negative outcomes and effects that we may have to deal with. When a teenager commits suicide, their family and friends are left with grief and guilt knowing that they could have done something. Suicide not only affects the victim, but also the friends, family and community surrounding them. As a friend, we may find it hard to speak up and say something because we are afraid of what may happen to our friendship. If the outcome results in a lost friendship, we can live with a clean conscience knowing we spoke up and saved a life. This is important because as Catholics we know that life is sacred, so by saving a life we are cherishing and preserving God’s greatest gift to us.Another option we as a friend can consider, is turning to our faith to seek answers. The church has come to realize that suicide is a condition or chemical imbalance within a teenager that results into a lack of judgment. The church believes it is not considered a sin if a teen is not in a clear state of mind nor with a full capacity to make a rational choice.The church is a loving environment where it can help teens uplift their spirits through prayer and God’s teachings to realize their life is a gift and that everyone has a purpose. It is human instinct to preserve life and as a friend we must follow God’s 6thcommandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” We can follow this commandment by preventing our friend from taking his or her own life through God’s message of love being truly self-sacrificing.It opens up our eyes to realize if we truly love and care for our friend we will sacrifice the friendship in order to save a life.

SuicideHave you ever been in a situation where someone confronts you about how they are contemplating suicide? Do you know how to answer them? What to do? Who do you talk to? This glog is here to assist you with how to deal with this dilemma. Suicide is the act of an individual who intentionally takes his or her own life. Teens turn to suicide when they feel over whelmed with negative feelings and situations resulting from bullying, stress, and family life. Teens feel depressed and see themselves in a dark place, not realizing that there is help all around them.

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" It's just not worth it anymore"

" No one cares about me "

The Affects on Others When an individual, regardless of their age, commits suicide their actions affect their families and their community in many different ways. Teen suicide leaves relationships between friends with unanswered questions and feelings. Teen suicide not only impacts the lives of friends and family, but also the lives of other students. Even if a student may not know the person who committed suicide it is still very difficult for a student to cope and deal with the fact that a fellow student had taken his or her own life.

The Experience of HelpThrough our lifetime our consciences continue to grow and learn from previous choices and decisions we have made. While facing many dilemmas and issues our conscience guides us to make the right choice. When it comes to being presented to the moral dilemma concerning suicide, our conscience has taught us that we are not only obligated to help someone in need, but also respond to the call to the other. Our understanding of right and wrong tells us that we must do the right thing. Our response to the right choice gives us the feeling of ‘I have to’, which has everything to do with our sense of ethics. When a friend is in need, whether it is an issue dealing with suicide, or helping them with homework we must always do everything we can to help them. Famous philosopher named Levinas, believed that we can see someone in need based on their face. As humans, we recognize when someone is hurt or upset by their facial expressions and body language. Therefore, our ethical responsibility guides us to make the right choices by seeking help from professionals, friends, family and even school faculty to help an individual we know that has thought about committing suicide.

Standing on the Edge Santa Clara University paper, Claire Andre/Manuel (The Canadian Mental Health Association)Mr. Marcola,Chaplin at St.Aloysuis Gonzaga Secondary School

Facts - On average, one person commits suicide every 16.2 minutes - Each suicide intimately affects at least six other people- There is one suicide for every 25 attempted suicides

Making the right choice isnt always an easy one.This video gives insight to those of us who may be dealing with this decision. It will open up your eyes to realizing that speaking up and saying something could save a life.

Talk! Tell your friend that your worrierd about them.

Take Care!It's hard to see someone going through depression. Talk about your feelings.

Find Help!Some people you can talk to:-Guidance Counsellor- Teacher - Another Adult

Kids Help Phone Number: 1-800-668-6868

After seeking reason and possible outcomes behind the choices we have been confronted with, we as a friend must make a final judgment. This means to make the conscious decision and seek help or advice for our friend. As Christians, in order to make the right choice we mustrecognize that it is our duty to help our friend when they are in need. When our friend has confided us on their thought of suicide we must recognize this as a cry for help. If we ignore this plea or cry, then we are not being a true friend and not following the notion that life is sacred. Choosing to ignore our friend in need may result in us breaking the 6th commandment and covenant with God. We must take action by making the final call and making the right choice. Speak up and tell someone, it could mean saving a life.


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