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Ways Parents Can SupportReading and Writing at HomeTeachers College Reading and Writing Project1. Let your children see you read for pleasure. Share vocabulary, quotes, characters, and the story withthem. Compare similarities and differences between your book and the books your children arereading.2. Talk to your children about how your parents read to you or told you stories.3. Let your children see you write for pleasure. Send family letters to relatives or friends. Let everyonein the family contribute a part or an illustration.4. When you’re riding in the car, tell your children a story about when you were little or tell them astory about something that happened at work that day. Leave off the ending and let them provide anending.5. Have your children select three things they want to include in a story. Make up a story that includesthose three things. For example, the selections might be a princess, a race car, and an ice cream cone.The children will love helping you find clever ways to include three things in the story.6. When you look up at the sun/moon or pass a landmark/building, take turns making up a story to gowith them. At night, point out the face in the moon and make up a story about the “man in themoon”. Follow up these storytelling events with a trip to the library to explore legends about peopleand places from our own country and others countries.

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Balanced Literacy- Science-Social Studies-Writing- Mathematics-More Information coming soon!!!!



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