Standards for Math Practice

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Standards for Math Practice

General Themes from SMPs:* problem solving* reasoning and thinking* student engagement with math ideas* applying previous understandings to a new concept* math being learned with understanding and within context*The 8 SMP have been usefully grouped into 4 pairs which provides structure to the math practices just as the clusters and domains bring structure to the content standards.* This structure serves as a way to think about and plan for implementation of the SMP as well as to select tasks and look for evidence of students' demonstration of engagement.* This grouping makes logical connections across the standards and takes advantage of the overlap of practice standards to provide needed focus.

Standards for Math Practice

Implementationof SMPs:*Promote student conversation about math in your classroom on a daily basis* Start attending to student mistakes and misconceptions. Make it okay to make a mistake in your classroom.* Expect that all students will learn mathematics. Let students know that you believe they will all learn math successfully. Expectations are powerful!* Create a balance of teacher talk and student talk.* Start a structured problem-solving program that promotes regular problem solving.* Promote student explanation of solutions in written and verbal forms.* Start asking students to show or explain why their solution is correct mathematically.* Use activities that utilize collaborative work.* Use lessons and activities that involve students in the use of patterns and generalization from those patterns.

By: Kimberly Baugh

SMPs & Some Matching Content Standards:According to CCSS, expectations that begin with the word "understand" are often especially good opportunities to connect the practices to the content.St. 1: 3.MD.8 3.OA.8 5.NF.6St. 2: 4.OA.3 5.NF.6St. 3: 4.NF.1St. 4: 3.MD.3 4.NF.4cSt. 5: 5.NBT.7St. 6: 3.OA.7 4.NBT.4 5.NBT.5St. 7: 3.MD.7 5.MD.5St. 8: 4.NF.4 5.NF.4b*Students who lack understanding of a topic may rely on procedures too heavily. *A lack of understanding effectively prevents a student from engaging in the math practices. *Content standards which set an expectation of understanding are potential “points of intersection” between the Standards for Mathematical Content and the Standards for Mathematical Practice. *Without understanding, a student may rely on procedures and may NOT:**represent problems coherently**justify conclusions**apply the math to other situations**use technology mindfully to work with the math**explain the math accurately to other students**deviate from a known procedure to find a shortcut


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