Standards, Curriculum & Instruction

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Standards, Curriculum & Instruction

Standards~ The fundamental goals that serve as the building blocks to all other elements of our education system.~ Learning goals established at the state level that describe what students know and should be able to do at each grade level in each subject.~ Used as a framework for curriculum development~ Highest level of accountability usually assessed through state assessments like STAAR~ Avaliable to the public at all times

Curriculum~ Curriculum is WHAT content the teacher delivers to students.~ Must be a guaranteed and viable curriculum, one that guaranteesequal opportunity for learning for all students and adequate time for teachers to teachcontent and for students to learn it. ~ Timeframe and content in which students will interact for the purpose of meeting the standards.~ Used as a scope and sequence for instruction development that is standards based~ Moderate level of accountability usually assessed through district benchmarks and common assessments, as well as state tests.~ Avaliable by request or on district websites

Instruction~ Instruction is HOW teachers deliver that content.~ Without effective instruction, even the best curriculum cannot lead a student to success. ~ Effective instruction is the most critical factor in student success~ Delivery of the curriculum for the purpose of student learning~ Used to assist the students in meeting the standards through following the curriculum~ Multiple levels of accountabiliy, such as classroom walk throughs, teacher evaluations, district common assessments, & state assessments~ Avaliability dependent on district policy

Standards, Curriculum, & Instruction

Tiffany B. CarberyRDG 503.502Dr. Stufft

Students need a teacher who can take well-writtenstandards, use a powerful curriculum tool, and plan research-based instruction to help facilitate a purposeful learning environment that will help them think critically about the information that is being delivered.


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