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Standards Based Education

Essential Knowledge

Standards Based Grading

J. FalabellaUniversity of New EnglandDr. A. Lovejoy5 April 2015

Background Knowledge

I will be responsible for checking with staff to verify that equality is being reached. It will be critical for the teachers to be using the common language that was outlined to the students and parents. They will need to be reporting out the individual content knowledge scores on each assessment.

Critial Issue A: Development of Content Knowledge Indicators

Critical Issue B:Informing the Stakeholders

Critial Issue C: Immplimentation and Oversight

ISLLC Standards

Scenario: I am an Assitant Principal tasked to work with teachers on instructional practices. My goal is is to increase student achievement in the classroom by implementing Standards Based Grading.

What is Standards Based Grading?

I will imform the staff of the movement to the stanadards based grading system at the beginning of the year. We will be working on developing the common practices, the stanadrads, and other materials that are needed by each discipline. I will be running professional development for the staff throughout the school year and we will be focused on making the shift to standards based grading for the next school year. Teachers will be encouraged and required to begin thinking about how this system will be working in their discipline and how it will be implimented within their classroom.It will be important to create an environment that helps support teachers with developing common assessments in commonly shared courses. Disciplines will be provided with time and structure to develop and refine rubrics that will be used to provide common feedback to students.

Standards Based Grading provides studens with equality among teachers by creating common grading practices. Provides students with percise feedback that guides instruction. Students are given more information about the qaulity of inidivdual work not a summary of all their work.Creating the common grading practices must exclude the use of attendance, effort in the class, or other classsroom management issues that are not directly related to their achievement. However, we must exclude all formative asseessments but we need to keep them related to learning not effort.

Before standards based grading can begin the staff has to develop the required knowledge of the students. First, the staff needs to develop the skills that all students use in each class within a discipline. Secondly, the staff must develop the content knowledge that is required for each class. Finally, the staff will link the content knowledge to the skills.

Standards Based GradingI want to develop common language around assessments and common grading practices to provide students with specific feedback.

After the staff become comfortable with the ideas behind standards based grading the students and parents will be imformed of how the grading system will look different. However, even though we are moving the Standards Based Grading phyilosophy we are still locked into numercial grades that are drive the GPA. The students will still recieve numerical grades but these grades will follow the system behind standards based grading and will provide important feedback to the students and teachers.

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I will be providing continuous professional development throughout the second school year to help refine the development and implementation of standards based grading. It will be important to keep in check with the staff so they feel supported in the transition. I will provide the teachers with resources to help understand the process of standards based grading. I will be mainly focusing on teachers making sure that they are reporting out on the individual content knowledge.

Standards Based Grading focuses on providing students with feedback on individual pieces of knowledge.

Teach in groups!

All three cirtical issues connect to ISLLC Standard 1 and Standard 2. I will be working to create equality in the learning process for all students. In doing this, I will need to be able to communicate the importance of Standards Based Grading and how it will be used to help promote the learning process of our students.I will be resonsible for transitting information for the teachers and students.I will be working to ensure that best practices are followed with instruction and that tachers are communicating with each other to ensure equlity. I will help to develop partnerships between teachers to share their assessments, questions, and struggles. Promoting teaching as a group will help to provide teachers with support and will help to ensure that all teachers will be working together and using the new common language, assessment style, and grading practices.

References:Green R. (2013) Practicing the art of leadership: A problem-based approach to implenting the ISLLC standards. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.Scriffiny, P. (2008) Seven Reasons for Standards-Based Grading.Educational Leadership, 66. Retrived from


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