Stand up and stomp out bullying

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Stand up and stomp out bullying


IntroductionViolence is at the top of social issues occuring during this decade. Bullying, taunting, fighting, and other incidents cause great concern for school systems and the community. The main problem taking place in youth groups is bullying which can be any form of verbal, social, or physical abuse. It is important to recognize the warning signs, and it is also crucial to speak out on the issue. Not to mention, one should unite with the community to find techniques that will reduce the risk of this major problem. Working together to fight the issue is the best way to combat the depressing trend in today's generation.

Jackie BonillaArcher High School Tiger Chapter Archer High School Lawrenceville, GASoutheastern Virtual Poster Stand up and Stomp out Bullying

Imagine The Three R's

Zero Tolerance RuleLet people know that violence and bullying are absolutely unacceptable

Speak outOne of the largest factors contributing to the growth of violence in the country is the failure to report the violence. Many people are afraid to speak out because they do not know who to talk to, or they may feel weak. In order to decrease this issue, education needs to be put in place to teach young adults that they are heard and there are places where they can find help and support. Young adults need to understand that they can consult a trusted adult to help them while they are going through these difficult situations. In addition, other students who witness instances involving bullying should know that it is vital to tell an adult.

Prevent and Get InvolvedThe solution to violence in the country not only involves recognition and outreach, it also includes prevention. Statistics show that the individuals who bully others are mostly in harmful situations themselves whether it be physical, emotional, or social. To prevent future bullying, individuals should learn to recognize the warning signs of a bully and provide support to the young adults. To extend on the topic of prevention, one can note that it is crucial for people to get involved in the community and provide extra-curricular activities to youth. This method creates a friendly environment and promotes positive relationships.

Signs Someone Is The BullyRecognizing the bully is also a factor that needs to be considered when dealing with violence. The major signs that indicate a person is a bully are involvment in several fights, aggression, new unknown items, and friends who are negative influences. People who mistreat others are also likely to deny responsibility for their own actions and prone to blaming others instead.

Signs Someone Is Being BulliedIt is crucial to understand the warning signs that a young adult may show when being bullied. Often times, the teen may have unexplained injuries or stolen items. The teen may also show signs of depression and suicidal thoughts. In addition, a change in eating or sleeping patterns may be a red flag If one notices these changes or any other abnormal habits, talking to the individual should be considered.

Education By providing education on violence and bullying, the community can gain a greater understanding of the topic. Young adults can learn where to find help when they are struggling through a chalenging situation. Young adults can also realize the harmful effects of bullying and the need to speak up for themselves and their peers.

Cyber Bullying This form of bullying is the number one cause of violence in schools. With the explosion of technology in recent times, it is becoming easier and easier to threaten others, make fun of individuals, and bring violence to the school. According to, 73% of girls report bullying happening on the internet and social media websites. It is important to educate the public on the harmful effects of this bullying and show them a way to avoid these harmful situations.




Don't add fuel to the fire Make change for a while


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