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Stan Lee-Biography

Stan Lee

Stan Lee Started working on comic books at Atlas Comics, writing comic books about monsters. He was unhappy with his job because he knew he the type of comics he was making didn't make himself happy about what he was doing. He wanted to write about superheros. His bossfinally let him write comics about superheros, after his boss had played a game of golf with the head of soo to be DC comics. This is what really started off his comic book career.

Stan Lee was still cautious but decided he wanted to finally do it. He thought National Periodical's (DC Comics) superheros were"one dimensional" and "did not face real world problems". He wanted his superhero characters to not just be superheros, but to be real people too.

Stan Lee's original name was actually Stanly Martain Lieber, he later lehgally changed it to Stan Lee.

Lee changed the comic book industry forever. Marvel has become one of the biggest and most popular comic book companies of all time. Stan Leehas left an impact on the world forever. He is now 94 years old.




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