Stamp Act Congress

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Stamp Act Congress

Stamp Act CongressOct. 7 and 25, 1765

Causes:-Stamp Act of 1765: a way for the crown to produce money through requiring colonists to pay a tax on printed materials -Colonists rejected this idea (Patriots) and harassed tax collectors causing them to resign-Colonists argued that they had no representation in Parliament, so they had no right to tax them

Events:-To control protestors, nine elected delegates were sent to New York City to hold the Stamp Act Congress-Instead of rioting, the congress encouraged a boycott of British goods and set a fromal petition describing why Britain didn't have any right to tax them-These acts threatened British merchants and manufacturers

Colonist Reaction- gave them a sense of liberty and freedom from England-showed England they would not accept a direct tax-The Daughters of Liberty were the women who had to make all the goods that the colonists were boycotting because they were not able to buy British manufactured goodsBritish Reaction -Parlaiment repealed the Stamp Act in 1766 because they were under pressure from British merchants and manufacturers -Parlaiment also created a law declaring the right to levy taxes on the colonists-Townshed Acts: levied new import duties on everyday iteams such as glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea

Significance:-The Stamp Act Congress was an important event because it led to the American Revolution-It showed England that the colonists would not be unfairly treated by the British-Ideas of freedom and self-gonerment later influenced Declaration of Independence

Fun factThis is what some of the stampes looked like!


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