Stalin Propaganda Poster

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Stalin Propaganda Poster

First Poster.- The flag in the poster represents being a symbol of socialism itself, is also commonly associated with non-communist variants of socialism.- In the poster, there's a child holding on to the flag beside Stalin. The child represents harmony to the people. And the child seems happy. - Stalin is shown in the poster because he want to show people that everyone should support him and he will make Russia become a better country. In the poster, Stalin looks happy.The message is trying to tell us that, Stalin is a good ruler of Russia and everyone will support him.- The target group for the poster are those parents who have children in the family. Stalin's attitude towards this group is to encourge more people to have their own family.Second Poster.- The reaction of this children, they all look happy. Maybe because they all are excited to see Stalin as they think that he is a good guy. This tells me about Stalin that, he is a good ruler of Russia.- Stalin felt happy as everyone are supporting him. We know he is a good ruler as he made Russia became a modern country after so many years of ruling Russia in the past.


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Stalin Propaganda Poster



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