Stalin Project

by RyoChino
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Social Studies

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Stalin Project

Soviet Union

Stalin creates Red Army to take everyones goods and give them out to eveyrone else without no agreement

NVKD secret police of the soviet union. Nikolia Yezhov leader of NVKD. Also Yezhov arranged to arrest any political speakers or critical of Stalin.

Stalin wanted to elimanate all competiton. So he carried out a purge of Red Army also along with the purge of communist party in the 1930s. Stalin sent police to throughout Russia to demand food and put areas back under control. Continue on next page.

Police were very violent killing thousands of people everyday.Between 1937 1938 a grave in Vinnytsia was found, containing 10,000 bodies. The entire city was destoryed many peolple were murdered or sent to concentration camps. Many died of disease, starvation, or exposure.

Took planned to take away peoples property


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