Stages of Development

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Stages of Development

Preparing for kindergarten

Can answer simple questionsCan count 10 or more objectsCan name colors and letters correctlyFamily Activities Puzzles Flashcards/Memory games Reading Math Games

Balance on one foot for 10 Seconds Can skip in a circle Can hop/jump on one foot for 20 seconds Family activites Playing in the park/slides/swings Creating Hopscotch in the drive way Riding a bicyle around the neigborhood Practice cutting with scissors

Motor Devlopment

Says Rhyming words Can communicate wants and needs Family Activities Sing Songs Play Eye Spy

Pays attention to short stories and answer questions Uses sentences with lots of details Uses Correct GrammerFamily Activities Begin writing name Begin writing numbers Visit Musuems/Zoos Expand vocabulary

Make Friends Begins to share Sympathzie with others Family Activities Play Dates Visit social gatherings i.e Birthday parties

Cognitive Development

Stages of Development


Communication Development

Language Development



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