Stages of Development in Pictures

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Social Studies

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Stages of Development in Pictures

In the picture it is my 5th birthday, my mom is kissing my cheek. This picture is showing how my emotional development is being impacted by recieving love and affection from my mom.

In this picture I am a couple months old. My physical development is being impacted because I am sitting against the couch, using my neck muscles to hold my head up.


Stages of Development in Pictures


This is a picture of me at my first highschool dance. This impacted my social development. Highschool was a time that I made many new relationships.

In this picture I am almost a year old. I am sitting on my dads lap at Christmas time. My language development was impacted at this point in my life because as a young child my dad often talked to me and helped me learn new words.

I am about 4 years old in this picture and I am at the zoo with my family. This is impacting my cognitive development by exploring new things I had never seen before and learning new information about different animals.

Formal Operational

Concrete Operational

In this picture I am standing with my dad and little brother in our new house. I was about 11 years old. This had an impact on my social development because I changed schools at this time and had to make all new friends.

This picture shows me playing softball at age 10. This experience had an impact on my physical development. Playing sports kept me active and helped to learn different physical skills.

This is a picture of my little brothers and I. I was about 14 years old. My relationship with my younger brothers had an impact on my pyschosocial development. I often was reasonable for them which in turn made me mature at a young age.


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