Stage 3: Chance

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Stage 3: Chance

Follow the sequence of activities!


Tree DiagramsFind a buddy and each come up with a question that would require a tree diagram to help solve it. Test your questions on your friends!E.g. Kim Carter is a famous spy. She needs a new disguise and can choose from 3 new outfit disguises: a hat, glasses or a wig. Show all the possible combinations.

Using the number line, rate the probability of these events:- The principal will walk in the room next.- We will have pizza for dinner.- Every child will be at school today.- It will rain at least once this week.- Pigs can fly

Hear me out and I'll fill you in about tree diagrams!

Matt dropped his bag of 30 marbles and 6 rolled out. Use the marbles that rolled out to predict how many marbles of each colour might be in the bag.

Press play if you think you may have forgotten something...

Complete this question using fractions

Play this online interactivity to practice using fractions, decimals and percentages to describe the probability.Click here!

Chance GameDesign a game where you have a higher chance of winning, by using two dice that YOU have created.Include instructions in your game and explain what approach you took in designing your game.Listen carefully to the bird and the sun to help you with your game.


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