Stage 1: The Sensorimotor Stage

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Stage 1: The Sensorimotor Stage

This stage is called the sensorimotor stage because it is when we experience the world through senses and actions, such as looking, touching, mouthing, and grasping. Infants observe what is around them through sensory and motor interactions. In this stage, babies are observed to have basic understanding of simple physics and a rudimentary numerical sense, but still are not able to grasp abstract concepts.

What occurs in this stage?

Stage 1 The Sensorimotor Stage

Occurs from birth to 2 years of age

What is Object Permanence?

During this stage, babies still do not exhibit a concept known as object permanence. Object permanence is the awareness that things continue to exist even when not perceived. It is lacked in infants, and only begins to develop around 8 months of age.  A great example of object permanence can be seen through "peek-a-boo," as babies think that when their eyes are covered, their parents do not even exist!

An infant discovers the world around him or her during this stage.

As the infant feels the teddy bear, it begins to understand her sense of touch.

Here is a great (and cute!) example of how a baby lacks object permanence.


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