Stage 1 Data

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Stage 1 Data

Steps1) Decide with your partner which question you would like to collect data on (eye colour or favourite fruit)2) Decide what your own favourite fruit is and work out your eye colour3) Each one of you needs to collect a Data Collection Worksheet, a picture of your eye colour and a picture of your favourite fruit from the front of the classroom4) Walk around the classroom and interview your classmates on whichever topic you have selected (favourite fruit or eye colour) and collect one picture from each classmate representing their answer5) Once you have collected your pictures return to your seats with your partner6) In the left hand column of your worksheet, draw a representation of each of the three eye colours OR the three types of fruit in each box7) Count up the amount of each eye or fruit type picture collected and create a tally of the amount of each one you collected in the second column8) Then count up the tally marks and write the numbers they represent in the third column


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Day 1


Steps1) In your pairs from the previous lesson, have a look at the picture graph example given above, what do you notice about it?2) Listen to the song 'This is Why I Graph'3) Have a look again at the Picture Graph example, what do you notice about it now? What important features identified in the song can you see in the picture graph example?4) Collect an A3 Picture Graph Activity Sheet and a glue stick (one for each pair)5) Give your picture graph a title and name the x-axis and y-axis6) Paste the pictures you collected during your interviews yesterday in the correct columns to represent your data (1 picture equals one student)7) Discuss your findings with your partner (you may refer to the below questions to help you)8) Then, pair up with another pair who collected data on the same topic and discuss your findings and interpret the data9) Then, move to another pair who collected data on a DIFFERENT topic to you and discuss your findings and interpret the data10) Return to your seats with your partner and summarise your findings by discussing and writing brief answers to the below questions:

QuestionsFor students who studied eye colours:1. How many more people had blue eyes than green?2. What is the most common eye colour?3. Which eye colour is the least common?4. Did more students have brown eyes than blue?5. How many students took part in the survey?For students who studied favourite fruit:1. What is the most favourite fruit?2. How many students chose bananas compared to oranges?3. How many students chose oranges?4. Did more students choose oranges than apples?5. How many students took part in the survey?

Day 2

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