Stage 1 - Data

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Stage 1 - Data

Using the jelly beans and your tally create a bar graph to show the data you have found. Then, colour in the squares. Questions for a friend:Which colour was the most popular?Which colour was the least popular?What was the difference between these two?How many colours were there altogether?Write a simple sentence to describe what you have found.

In the jar you have been given some jelly beans. Using a tally, record how many jelly beans there are of each colour. Show how you did this in your book. The picture below will help you out.


Activity 1

IXL MathsWork through 'Data and graphs' for a challenge!

Extension Activity

Activity 3

Follow the activites and enjoy learning on the way!

Activity 2

Watch this video to find out what we will do next!

A fun game to help you learn more about data:BBC Interpreting Data

Activity 4

Check out this example for help!

Want some more practice? Press play to hear what to do next.

Up for an extra challenge?


With a buddy, talk to your class teacher about how we could present the data we have collected. Then they will give you a special worksheet for the next activity.


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