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Stacy's Glog- EDU 642

Clark emphasizes in her article, "Many studies that compared lessons that used text alone to teach content with lessons that added relevant visuals to the text have shown that the versions with graphics do improve learning. Note the emphasis on the word 'relevant!'



Instructional Goals: Inform, Support Procedural Performance, OR Support Principle-Based PerformanceLearning Landscape: Training Purposes, Activating Prior Knowledge, OR Teaching New ContentFeatures Of The Graphic: Functional, Decorative, Respresentational, OR Mneumonic

Effective GraphicsBy: Ruth Colvin ClarkEffective Graphics Highlight One Of These Concepts: 1. Instructional Goals2. Learning Landscape3. Features Of The Graphic

Appropriate visuals can improve LEARNING!

Images Retrieved From Microsoft Clip Art On February 6, 2014

Clark, Ruth C. "More Than Just Eye Candy: Graphics for E-Learning." N.p., 11 Aug. 2003. Web. 2 Feb. 2014.

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