Stable Structures

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Stable Structures

A structure is anything that is stable. Every structure must have a frame. The frame determines what shape the building is going to be. Every structure must be able to withstand the forces of nature. Since every structure has to stay up,it has to have design principles. Some of these design principles are ties andstruts. Ties keep the structure tied together and the strut supports the shape of the structure. Another design principle is post and beams. A post is the part of the structure that stands up vertically (straight up). The beam is the part of the structure that lays horizontally (sideways). The post and beam are a great team. That's why structures are stable!

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Every structure must withstand the forces of nature. Some of these include lightning and earthquakes. They have to be strong enough to not collapse with their materials Ex.brick,cement,steel,stone and wood. They have their foundations to keep them stable.If you look onthe bottom of the pictures the CN Tower and the Empire State Building are both getting struck by lightning.The lightning conducts through

Structures Withstanding Weather

the spire and travels into the ground.This is an example of structures withstanding nature.Now if you look at the pictureson the top it shows the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Washington Monuement.They both withstanded the forces of

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Building Our Structure

If you look at the picture above you cansee us building our bridge. We chose todo a remodel of the Golden Gate Bridge.The materials we used were paper cups,paper, plasticine and pipe cleaners.Thecups represents arches,the posts are cylinders,the pipe cleaners for the beams and a rectangle for the road.

These structures all withstand tremendous forces of nature.

Stable Structures

earthquakes and they didn't fall over because they were built properly.This is another example of structures withstanding weather.Structures have to withstand the forces of nature becausethey have purposes.

This is our rough copyof our bridge.

This is our structure art.


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    Awesome job!! Yes++ You included lots of great details and facts about structures. Love the layout and graphics!
    Well done!