Stability and change

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Earth Sciences

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Stability and change

Stability and Change

There are many different types of rocks. Rocks go through changes due to erosion from the climate.

The lifecycle of a butterfly is an example of change. All butterfly's go through this life cycle.

Life Science

The moon is stable. It has been around and explored for many decades, and will continue to be here.

Water goes through 3 phases: solid, liquid, gas. These are examples of change in the states of water.

Technology is always changing. The development of the computer is a prime example.

Earth Science


Space Science

Physical Science

engeneering and Technology

Activity: Under 5's static balance activities

This activity incorporates stability and change because students are using a balance beam to see how different items affect their balance/stability, and how those objects cause change.

This activity incorporates scientific or engineering practices becasue students are learning how gravity can cause change in stability.


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