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St. Vincent's

Teachers, children and families learn about diversity by investigating culture and language as part of the curriculum. Teachers and families collaborate in exploratory activities such as learning dances, songs, art, writing, and documenting learning through photographs, narrative in books, maps, and interactive displays.

The program is currently going through the evaluation process for NAEYC accreditation!

The program has expanded the outdoor space in 2014! Teachers have been working on the Outdoor Classroom and Healthy Habits projects (funded by the Orfalea Foundation) by providing hands-on science, math, language, and literacy experiences.

Children create hands-on visual and multidimensional displays that are connected with the children's prior learning, experiences, and interests, while promoting a diverse and inclusive classroom environment.

St. Vincents

St. Vincent's provides developmentally, culturally, and linguistically responsive early care and education to children for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

The center's curriculum promotes creating a learning environment where academic language is introduced, encouraged and implemented through dramatic play, hand-on learning experiences and interactions.

Learning and development is seen as an integrated practice! As an example, these pictures show children's learning about the caterpillar cycle, seasons, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, while mathematizing all along.

Reading is encouraged and displayed within the classroom, while providing diverse and cultural reading material. Children learn about language and literacy in meaningful ways....writing a card, signing in when they arrive, making signs, etc....

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St. Vincent's Early  Childhood Education Center


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