St. Valentine's Day Massacre

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St. Valentine's Day Massacre

In the garage were Frank and Pete Gusenburg, John May, Albert R, Weinshank, Albert Kashellek A.K.A James Clark, Adam Heyer, and Dr. Reinhart Schwimmer. All of these men accept Schwimmer belonged to the king of Chicago's North Side Bug's Moran. They were recieving a liquor shipment. Just then two men dressed as police officers entered the garage. These were not really poice men. They were Detroit's Machine Gun Jack's men, but they were ordered by Chicago's South Side Boss Al Capone. Moran and Capone were fierce rivals. See "Rivalry Kills." The "police men ordered the seven men to get against the wall, facing it. All 7 men obeyed, not suspecting anything. Right then, 2 more men dressed in overcoats came in the garage with guns. The two police men also pulled out guns. they proceeded to fire 90 shots into the seven men killing 6 immedietly and wounding Frank Gusenburg, who died later. The noise was tremendous. After the deed was done the two policemen pointed their guns at the men in overcoats and ordering them to put their hands up. The four men exited the garage and stuffed into a stolen Black Cadallac Touring car, that resembled a police vehicle and drove away. The men did not really acomplish theer goal which was to kill Bugs Moran. He was in a diner across the street. Capone was insuccessful in killing Moran but proved how dangerous and violent Chicago is.

Al Capone- Born January 17, 1899 Al "Scarface" Capone is known as the King of Chicago's South Side. He got his start in crime after leaving school in the sixth grade and joining the James Street Gang, then Five Points Gang in Brooklyn. In 1919 Capone moved to Chicago and worked for Jim Colosimo as a bag man. He became good friends with Johnny Torrio and was soon his First Luitenent. After Torrio left he was in control of the South Side. Capone is said to have been behind over 200 killings and has ties with poltical leaders.George Moran- Born in 1893 George "Bugs" Moran is know for his dominance of the North Side of Chicago. He got his stat in an Irish Gang on the North Side of Chicago. He was an experienced criminal by 17. In 1918 Moran was convicted of armed robbery and was released on parole. He then made friends with Charles O'Banion and they became the most powerful bootlegging gang on the North Side. O'Banion was murdered and Moran took control. Him and Capone are huge rivals fighting for their share of the liquor buisness.

A Troubling Mission

At 10:30 AM on Febuary 14, 1929 2 men dressed as police men entered SMC Cartage Co.'s unheated garage on 2122 North Clark Street, Chicago.Contd. in " A Troubling Mission."

Rivalry Kills

Al Capone and George "Bugs" Moran are the two biggest orginized crime lords in Chicago. Their rivarly is so intense that it led up to yesterday's horrifying St. Valentine's Day Massacre. These are some events that built up the tension: Before his killing Charles O'Banion was the partner of Moran and Johnny Torrio was the partner of Al Capone. In previous years Moran and O'Banion would raid Capone and Torrio's territory and force bar owners and bartenders to use their product. On November 10, 1924 Charles O'Banion was murdered by members of Capone and Torrio's gang and Torrio took responsibility for the murder. Hymie Weiss took control of the gang with Moran at his side. Then on January 24, 1925, Johnny Torrio was getting out of his limosine when he was shot at and was severly wounded. Bug Moran then came in and put a gun to Torrio's head. The gun jammed and Torrio's life was spared. After his recovery Torrio left orginized crime. Another event was on September 20, 1926. Al Capone was at the Hawthorne Inn with thousands of shots were fired by members of the North Side gang. No one was killed. Then on October 11, 1926 Hymie Weiss was shot walking into church and Moran took control of the gang. Moran and Capone tried to have a treaty but were unseccessful. They did make a divide line of the Northa and South Side. Capone crossed that line numerous times. So, Moran made a $50,000 bounty for Capone, This was the final straw and it was why Moran was the target for yesterday's horrid massacre.

The St. Valen Times

Capone and Moran

7 Bootleggers Killed by Rival Gangmembers Dressed as Policemen

Milky-Way, a Tasty Treat, That's Hotsy-Totsy to Eat!Price: $00.11 Per/Bar.

Febuary 15, 1929 By. Reporter Max Pushkin


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