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St Teresa

Biography:She was brought up in a wealthy family. Her family consisted of 13 people. She had a mother and a father, 9 brothers and a sister. Her father was honest, religious and extremely strict. Teresa’s mother was very fond of romance novels, but her husband thought of them being a waste of time.


Why is she a saint?:She abandoned her ordinary life to go to a convent. Being stuck in a step in life to choose either being absorbed in God’s love or by getting married, she loved God so much so chose God’s love.

Sickness:She was diagnosed with malaria. One morning in the monastery, she had a seizure and people were certain that she was dead, but then she woke up after 4 days. She then was paralysed for 3 years and never was entirely well. Instead of improving her spirituality, her sickness became an excuse to stop her prayer.

Ordinary Life:When she was around about 16, she loved boys, clothes and all the things that teenage girls love. Her father thought it was too much so sent her to a convent.

Prayer:Dear St. Teresa,You are courageous, spiritual and obedient.Help me to be courageous like you.So that I can show courage in difficult and challenging times.St. Teresa: Pray for usAmen.

Did you know...That patronage means what a saint is known for, by helping people that need it? Well St. Teresa of Avila is patron saint for headache sufferers and Spanish catholic writers. She was canonised in 1622

St. Teresa was born in Gotarrendura, Ávila, Spain.

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Spirituality:She was a Spanish mystic, Roman Catholic saint, Doctor of the Church and a permanent Carmelite nun. She also did deep contemplates with Jesus. Which means that she is so in love with him and that her mind turns blank.

St Teresa of Avila church in Chicago.

Feast Day:Feast days occur every year to remember a particular saint. On October 15, we remember how St Teresa of Avila improved the church.

Adulthood:When she was 41, a priest convinced her to go back to prayer, but she still found it difficult. At 43, she was determined to found a new convent and thought of it as: a simple life of poverty devoted to prayer. She believed in work, not begging and believed in obedience to God, not penance. At 51, she was determined to found new convents. People wrongly accused her for doing wrong. She was too ill to leave, she died on October the 4 1852 at the age of 67.

Fun fact:

Early Life:St Teresa was born on the 28th March 1515. When she was 5, she persuaded her older brother by saying, ‘Go off to the land of Moors and beg them, out of love of God, to cut of our heads there.’ They did not accomplish this because their uncle found them and brought them back. When she was a young adult, she was crippled by a sickness and was cured after prayer to Saint Joseph.


Canonisation:Canonisation is when the Pope decides whether people who have past, are chosen to be a saint.The Process.Servant of God - How they lived their life and what they did to become a saint.Beautification - A public declaration where everyone decide and if they lived a heroically holy life.Canonisation - Is a declaration by the pope and whether they lived relying on God not their self.Requires 2 Miracles - They need 2 miracles. Miracles can be curing or doing something to help someone with God.


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