[2016] colin campbell: St. Sebastian

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[2016] colin campbell: St. Sebastian

St. Sebastian

As a young man,St. Sebastian joined the Roman army, who were persecuting Christians at the time. Sebastian was a Christian but kept it a seret for a long time. While being in the army, he converted many other Romans to Christianity. After a while, KIng Diocletian ofsentenced him to death by being arrowed to death, but he ended up surviving and escaping. After coming to a full recovery, Sebastian told King Diocletian tohis face that what he was doing was wrong and to stop. When Diocletiansaw him and heard what he had to say he became furious and sentenced him to be beaten to death for good.

I chose St. Sebastian because he is strong and a good athlete. He's a soldier of God and defended his faith at all costs. He is a good role model and i can relate to him well. I look up to him and can learn from all of his great works and actions

St. Sebastian made a big impact to the catholic faith by converting many people tp Christianity and by being a martyr.


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