St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas was born as the only child of two wealthy christians. His parents died when he was young and from then on he was raised by his uncle who was the Bishop of Patara. Later in his life his uncle would ordain him as a priest. St. Nicholas was one of the Bishops to appear at the first Concil of Nicaea. He was also on of the Bishops to sign the Nicene Creed.

Stories and Miracles of St. Nicholas

I chose St. Nicholas because he is a well known Saint and the Patron Saint of bakers, brewers, brides, children, Greece, grooms, merchants, pawnbrokers, Russia, travelers, and sailors.

One of St. Nicholas's most known exploit is when he gave a family three bags of gold because the father needed money to pay for his daughters wedding he did this at night so he would be unknown to the family. This is where the giving of gifts at christmas was supposed to come from. There was a man who kidnaped and killed three children and hid the bodies in a barrell. Then he started to sell there meat as meat pies to his custumers at his store. Then one day St. Nicholas walked in to the store and not only did he see through the horrific crime the man comitted but also resurected the three children.

How St. Nicholas is a role model to me

He is a role model to me because he is a kind hearted, selfless, and helps any one who is in need.


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St. Nicholas of Myra


Why I chose St. Nicholas

Video of St. Nicholas of Myra


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