St. Martin

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St. Martin

Fast FactsCommemorated on the 11th of NovemberIt occurs at a time when walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and dried figs are found aplenty in Malta, and hence the saying "hazelnuts, almonds, chestnuts, figs - oh how I love St Martin". A traditional recipe related to the feast is "Il-Borza ta' San Martin" (St Martin's Bag)

St. Martin's BagSt. Thomas More College, Tarxien Malta

Nuts ' Fruits

A feast is celebrated in the village of Baħrija on the outskirts of Rabat, including a procession led by the statue of Saint Martin. There is also a fair, and a show for local animals.

St Martin was a Roman soldier, who was converted to Christianity in his adulthood following a dream which he had after helping out a poor man on the street.

Maltese children traditionally receive a bagful of nuts on this day

This is St. Martin's Church.

Students at Work

We did it!

"Gewz, Lewz, Qastan, Tin, Kemm Inhobb il San Martin"

They are enjoying every moment



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