St. Marie Magdalen Postel

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St. Marie Magdalen Postel

In 1807 Julie Postel took the name of Marie Madeleine and was the founder of the order of ‘The Poor Daughters of Mary’ would be known as Mother. Marie Madeleine. From 1838 foward, ‘The Poor Daughters of Mary’ became the ‘Sisters of the Christian Schools of Mercy’. During the persecution Saint MarieMagdalen Postel played a heroic part in helping the priests who were in hiding or in prison . She was authorized to keep the Blessed Sacrament in her house with protection from God and no harm with her. She was very brave with all of her choices in her life. She wanted the best for everyone and everything. God and many others recanigezed this and decided to decaler Marie Magdalen Postel a saint.

St. Marie Magdalen Postel

I choose Marie Magdalen Postel to be my confirmation saint becasue she inspires me. She has been very heroic and brave throughout her life, and I would like to the same. Saint Marie Magdalen Postel was also very helpful towards others and always was holy to God. I would like to follow in her foot steps.

St. Marie Magdalen Postel is the Patron saint for apothecarie

St. Marie Magdalen Postel feast day is July 16.

Julie Frances Catherine Postel, also known as St. Marie Magdalen Postel, was born on November 28 in 1756 in Barfleur, France. When she was eight-teen, she opened up a school for girls in Barfleur, but then it was closed by the French Revolution. In 1807 Julie Postel took the name of Marie Madeleine. She took vows before Abbe Cabart, starting the congregation in 1807 and obtained the abbey of St. Sauveur le Vicomte. Marie Magdalen died on July 16 and was remembered for her miracles and faith with God .

Canoized on May 24, 1925 by Pope Pius X. Beatified on May 17, 1908 by Pope Pius XI

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