St. Lucid

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St. Lucid

Saint Lucid

Lucy was made a saint because she was a very holy child. When she was older, Lucy refused to marry and became a nun.She was very comitted with her beliefs.

Saint Lucid is the Patron Saint of Blindness. Lucid grew up in Syracuse, Rome. Lucy is what Lucid goes by and that nickname means "light", but Lucid means "clear, radient, and understandable."

Lucid's mother had arranged a marrige for her, and Lucid tried to convince her that christ was a more powerful partner for life. Later, Lucid's mother was very ill, so Lucid had prayed to St. Agatha and the next day her mother was cured miraculously.

Saint Lucy's Feast Day is December 13th

Lucy was taken away and tortured, legend has it that Lucy's eyes were taken out as punishment. God then restored her eye-sight as a gift.

Lucy's bridegroom told the governor about Lucy's beliefs. Lucy was tortured and killed by the governor's guards. The guards tried to lift her body, yet she was filled with the Holy Spirit so she was unable to be moved.

St. Lucy was born 283 AD. and she died in 304 AD.

Lucy's childhood life, Lucy's dad died when she was young so her mother had to take care of her.

St. Lucy was not really canonized a saint because she was pre-congregation, which means that she was canonized before the church had a canonizing system.


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