St. Lucia's Day

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St. Lucia's Day

The recreation of St. LUcia's Day focuses on celebrating the birth of Christ and bringing the spirit of joy to others.

CostumesSweden is ready for that time of year where instead of tghem jumping back to history, history is jumping back to them.

The peolpe of Sweden are getting ready to prepare for St. Lucia's Day using music and decorations for the fun festivites.

St. Lucia's Day

By: Olivia Phelan

Games/ Recreation



* The first daughter, of one family, dresses with a white gown, a red sash around her waist, and a wreaf with real candles on her head.* The starboys also wear the traditional long, white dress with a long, cone shaped hat on their heads with golden stars and a staff sort of thing with a big star at the top.* The wreaf around her head is made of Lingonberrry branches, and evergreen tree, which is a symbol of new life in the winter.

* One way they decorate is have straw-made goats to remind the of baby Jesus being born in a manger.* The straw-made goats are a very popular and are also used to defend the Christmas tree.* Music is an important part of St. Lucia's Day, a girl is chosen as Lucia by an election, but she must be able to sing.



* The presents that are recieved get exchanged on Christmas Eve and then go to church Christmas mourning.* The children sing to hospitals, schools, and retirement homes to bring light and encouragement during hard times.* St. Lucia bring presentsto the childeren, so they leave sandwiches out for the donkey she rides on and for St. Lucia herself.



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