St. Louis University

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St. Louis University

SLU is growing. This new building is going to be a dorm, opening in fall 2016

St. Louis UniversityEstablished 1818

SLU's Aviation Department - used to be in Cahokia, Illinois

Located next to Simon Recreation Center

This is me near the library and administrative buildings on the main campus.

Interesting Facts* Slu has another campus in Madrid, Spain.* The Billiken is a symbol of good luck.* The first location of SLU was where the Arch is now. The second location was near where the Edward Jones Dome is now. They moved to the current location in 1889.* SLU is a college.* SLU has a well-known hospital.* SLU students do a lot of service projects.* My parents and Miss O'Connell went to school there.

Griesedieck Tower

This is a dorm where students go live when they're in college.

St. Ignatius Loyola - the founder of the Jesuit Religious Order

This is me standing in front of a plane that represents SLU, It is a Cessna type of plane.

The church was founded in 1841.

The Billiken became the mascot in 1910.

This is me on the front steps of St. Francis Xavier Church (the College Church).


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