[2014] Annabella Vicari: St. Joseph

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[2014] Annabella Vicari: St. Joseph


St.Joseph feastday is March 19. He is a Patron of Universal Church, fathers, carpenters, social justice. Joseph was a carpenter. The husband of Mary and Jesus foster father. When he discoverd Mary was pregnant he wanted to divorce her but did it secertly because people will stone her to death. He did not know that the child she is caring was the the Son of God. He had a dream from God saying that the child Mary is holding is the Son of God and take Mary as your wife and he did. When Jesus was born he recieved a dream from God saying that they were in danger so they fled to Eypt. When they got to Eypt they had Jesus baptized. When Passover came Josph always took Mary and Jesus to the celebration. People didn't know when Joseph died but many people think when Jesus was young because it was not recorded in the Bible there at his public life, death and resurrection.


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