[2016] Ethan W: St. Francis of Assisi

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[2016] Ethan W: St. Francis of Assisi

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St. Francis Video

About my SaintFrancis was born in Italy in 1882. He was best known for his work with animals and founding the Francisian Order. Francis grew up wealthy and was very popular. He wasn't happy about his life.He went to be a knight. He didn't even make it a day away from home. He came home because he had visions from God. He told him to rebuild his church. Which he took literal and stole money from his dad and rebulit a church. Then his dad founded and disowned him and made him say sorry in front of the whole town. He wasn't mad he payed all the money back, said sorry, and even gave his clothes to his dad and walked into the forest. He a hobo and pearched the word of God to people and animals.

St. Francis of Assisi

Why I Choose this SaintFrancis life started a lot like mine, a wealthy kid. I choose him because if he could turn his life around maybe I can turn my life around and love jesus more. Also he loved animals and I love animals too.

Fun FactsHe is the patron saint of animals, ecology, and Italy.Francisis said to be the first Italian poet.


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