St. Frances de Sales

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St. Frances de Sales

A saint is defined as"1.any of certain persons of exceptional holiness of life, formally recognized as such by the Christian Church, especially by canonization.2.a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence. "

1567 (Savoy, France) -1622 (Lyon, France)Patron saint of: writers, journalists, the deafFeast: January 24

St. Frances de Sales

Born in Savoy, France on August 21, 1567. Educated in France from an early age. Received Holy Orders in 1593.

“If we honored any man as a Saint, I know none more worthy than this man since the days of the Apostles.” - Minister of Geneva about St. Frances.

"Frances" means "free."Chosen for being the patron saint of writers and for having exceptional patience, something I need.

Converted 40,000 people to Catholicism with his unusual patience and writings.

Studied law and theology. Eldest of 6 brothers. Became the Bishop of Geneva, although only visited the city twice. Opened a convent with a woman named Jane, and continued to convert people with his letters and writings. Frances slowly became sicker and died of a stroke in 1622.

1661 - beatified by Pope Alexander VII.1665 - canonized by Pope Alexander VII.1877 - declated a Doctor of the Church by Blessed Pope Pius IX.

Celeste YostMrs. Stefanie Brenchley8- F Grade Technology24 October 2012

Always waited for God's plan to be shown to him before he made any hasty decisions.


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