St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

St. Elizabeth is the Patron Saint of the loss of parents, and the death of children.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Her Feast Day is on January 4.

She was canonized on September 14, 1975 by Pope Paul VI

I chose St. Elizabeth because I previously knew about her and her miracles inspired me to choose her and to learn more about her.

-She was born from a colonial family in NYC on August 28, 1774; her father being a physician and professor while her mother died while she was only two.-She married a wealthy man and later had five children.-Elizabeth became a Catholic during her stay in Italy.-Later on, she founded the first American religious community for women.-She opened the first American parish school and established the first American Catholic orphanage.-She was also the first native born American to be canonized.-She died on January 4, 1821

Pope Paul VI chose her to become a saint by accepting her through her intercession with these miracles: the cure of Sister Gertrude; healing a young child from leukemia; and healing a young man from a rare disease.

She was beatified on March 17, 1963 by Pope John XXIII


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