St. Cecilia

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St. Cecilia

The Fruits of the Holy Spirit.1) Charity2) Joy3) Peace4) Patience 5) Kindness6) Goodness7) Generosity 8) Gentilness9) Faithfulness10) Modesty11) Self-control12) Chasity

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit.1) Wisdom2) Understanding3) Counsel 4) Fortitude 5) Knowledge 6) Piety7) Fear of the Lord

Saint. Cecilia's feast day is on November 22.

I chose St. Cecilia because when i dance to the music i dance like no ones watching and i feel the music in me.

The holy spirit is in me when i'm feeling sad or when im in trouble. The Holy Spirit is also with me every single day of my life.

St Cecilia's birthday is unknown, but it is believed that she died in the year 177. St.cecilia was canonized in 402 A.D.

About St. Cecilia.St. Cecilia died in Rome. Her body was discovered incorrupt in 1599, is known to be the first Saint to be incorrupt St. Cecilia was the first saint who's body experienced the Phenomenon of incorruption. Saint Cecilia died by execution. She became a saint. Saint Cecilia was made a saint of the Universal Church before the process of canonisation existed in Rome. A lot of information has been made into her life. To be a saint, she had to be shown to have a good life and to have been willing to die for the faith if necessary.

The Holy Spirit is in St. Cecilia because of her commitment to Christ and her vow of chastity although married. During this time Christianity in Rome was illegal and St. Cecilia was sentanced to be executed. Once her executioners attempted to behead her, but she lasted another three days, St. Cecilia worked with the poor and before she passed she asked the Pope to convert her home into a church. "You must know that i have an angel of God watching over me." -St. Cecilia.

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