St. Catherine of Bologna

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St. Catherine of Bologna

1) St. Catherine was educated well in arts. 2) She believed strongly in prayer. 3) Catherine joined a group of lay women following St. Francis. 4) She wrote many spiritual poems and guides. 5) Catherine became very ill in lent of 1463. She died on March nineth and that is her feast day. 6)St. Catherine is the patron saint of Art and Artists.

Why is she a good choice

Saint Catherine was very artistic and so is our class. We can strive to be our best like she strived for perfection. She connected to God through prayer and we should find a way to connect to him, also. She was close to our age when she started her religious journey. Saint Catherine is alo a very good role model.

More information

St. Catherine's visions, thoughts, and art are thought to be like most modern day artists

St. Catherine of BolognaMarch 9th

Arts and crafts aren't just for fun, choose St. Catherine and be #1



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