St. Catherine of Bologna Biography

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St. Catherine of Bologna Biography

Saint Catherine of Bologna was a Italian nun as well as a artist.She is the patron for artist and against temptation. She studied the fine arts and literature and also excelled at latin and the viola. She countinued these prosuits to her deathbed.She once came from a aristocratic family but even though she was a aristocrate she always took on humble roles. Saint Catherine followed the ways of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. Later in her life she joined a monstry in bologna and served as a abbass.Saint Catherine painted religious pictures and wrote spiritual guides and poetry. She also experienced spiitual visions through out her life that she documented. She later became ill and a few months later died at the age of 49.


Born on:Sept. 8, 1413Died on: Mar. 9, 1463Feast Day:March 9

At the age of 14 she became a Francisa Tertiary.( followed the ways of St. Francis)A few years later she joined the Poor Clares. ( followed the ways of St. Francis and St. Clare)Made a religious painting of St.Ursula which hangs today in a gallary in Venice.She wrote a guide called "The Seven Spiritual Weapons"

St. Caterineof Bologna


Important dates

After Death

St. Catherine died from a illness and was buried without a coffin. She was later exhumed 18 days later after visioters noticed a sweet smell from the grave and exprienced miracles. She was uncropped and six hundred years later she still remains intact. St. Catherine can be seen in her nun clothes on a golden throne in a glass case in the Church of the Saint in Bologna.


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