[2014] Annabella Vicari: St. Casimir

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[2014] Annabella Vicari: St. Casimir

St. Casimir

St. Casimir was born in 1461. Throughout his childhood he was commited to God. He was a prince so he had many very nice things but he didn't let those things tempt him to his true loyality. He slept little and prayed most of the time he was supposed to be sleeping. Many people laughed at him and joked because of his chocies he made. When he got older his father was admired by his strength so he sent Casimir off to the army. It was all a misunderstanding so after awhile being in the army he left for home. When he got back home his father was furious at him. His father also set up a marriage alliance for him but he denied it. He participated in his true King plans by praying, studing, and helping the poor. He died at the age 23 from a lung disease. He is a Patron of Poland and Luthuania.


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