St. Brigid of Ireland- Erin Russell

by smjennings
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St. Brigid of Ireland- Erin Russell

St. Brigid'd Cathedral Kildare

Two things Brigid contributed to. 1. Brigid converted to Christianity the man her and her mother were sold to. (Druid) 2. The story of Dara: Dara a blind nun was healed after St. Brigid prayed for restoration of her sight.

About her. a. Daughter of a slave mother and a nobleman. b. Established Ireland's first convent in Cill-Dara. c. Founded a double monastery for both men and women, Abbey of Kildare. Became a center for pilgrams.

St. Brigid of Ireland

Country Louth, Ireland. 450-525 C.E.


I admire St. Brigid of Ireland because her only desire in life was "to satisfy the poor."



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