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St Benedict

Saint Benedict

St Benedict was born in Nursia, Umbria, Italy in 480. As a child he was in a wealthy family and well educated. When he was older he went away from his fathers home and his herretage and went to go and find a place with his servant who insisted to come. He wanted to go and find a place to get closer to God. St Benedict's last name is Anici. St Benedict had a twin sister called Schoolastica. Here is a picture of her.

St Benedict's Early Life

St Benedict in Subiaco

St Benedict went to Subiaco to pray and get closer to God. he left Rome rom studying because he did not the way they lived. He found a cave and lived in it for 3 years. A friend would come to him and give him some food and water. After 3 years of living in a cave he went out. He also got poisoned by monks becaused he did not like the way they lived and he said no to joining them.

St Benedict in Monte Cassino

In Monte Cassino St Benedict opened up his first Monestry. The people who lived in the monerstry where, monks, nauns, priests and they all followed the St Benedict's Rules. He died of a fever while praying to God. He got canonised in 1220 by Pope Honorius III.

The Teaching's of St Benedict


This is a picture of our School Logo, the reason why i put this here is because St Benedict always followed god's rules. So thats why we walk in God's ways.At the bottom is St Scholastica witch is St Benedict's sister.

This is a video on what happened in St Benedict's life...

St Benedict's followed Jesus and the Ways of God so thats why i put a picture of the Cross