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PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE AND THE NEXT BEFORE YOU BEGIN THIS WEEK"S ASSIGNMENTS This week we are going to examine the Sunshine State Standards for Third Grade. Everything we do in this class will be for Third Grade. I have created a discussion forum that lists the 3rd grade standards we will be using for the rest of this course. I have also linked the 3rd grade SSS documents at the end of this glog.The first thing you need to do this week is to claim one standard for each of the four subject areas: math, science, social studies and language arts. You claim a standard by replying to the benchmark post with your name.My goal is to have all of the standards covered, this means that you should only claim a standard that has already been claimed if there are no other unclaimed standards left. There are 17 math standards, 32 science standards, 33 social studies standards and 45 language arts standards. You must choose one standard from each subject, for a total of four.To claim a standard go to the discussion forum. If you don't know the standards, read the SSS documents to find out about them.

Click the Earth for Social Studies Standards

Click the pie chart for math Standards

Click the books for Language Arts Standards

Click the test tube for Science Standards

Click here to find out what we are doing with your claimed SSSs!


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