SSS Content Research

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SSS Content Research

This week and next week you will be researching the necessary information you'd need in order to teach each of the four benchmarks you have claimed.You will be creating a research document for each of the benchmarks. These documents will be shared with the class so that we all have access to the necessary information for each benchmark.The research document will include the following information: 1. The Standard to which the benchmark belongs. 2. The Benchmark you have claimed. 3. Students' required Prior Knowledge. 4. Vocabulary/ Terminology. 5. Concepts, Skills, and Knowledge required of the teacher. 6. A minimum of 3 resources.

Click on the paper clip to download the SSS Research Document Template

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Now that you know what you are doing with your benchmarks, let's recap:1. Download and read the four SSS documents from the previous glog page.2. Claim a benchmark for each of the four subjects by replying to the benchmark post in the discussion forum. Make sure no one has already claimed the benchmark you choose. You can only double up on a benchmark if there are no unclaimed benchmarks left.3. Download the SSS research document template by clicking on the paperclip to the left. You will need to create four files, one for each benchmark.4. Once you have completed your research, you will attach each document as a reply to the benchmark in the discussion forum.5. You will then go to the Quiz function (next to the dropbox link) and paste the parts of your document into the appropriate quiz fields.


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