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SSR Assessment


Setting: St.Petersburg MissouriCharacters:Huckleberry Tom SawyerJimMiss WatsonAunt SallyMs ans Mr Phelps

The Adevntures of HuckleberryFinn

Character and setting


After being adopted by the Miss Watson Huckleberry is opened up to a life af school,cleaniess,and church.Tom Sawyer then invites Huck to be in his robbers gang.Then everything is good until his drunken father reappears for Hucks money.Then Pap(hucks drinken dad) kidnaps him and puts him in a cabin all day and then when he comes back he gets woopens.Then the townspeople look for his body.JIm one of Miss Watson's slave runs away because she is getting ready to sell him to a plantation where he will be seperated from his wife and kids.Then Jim finds Huck and they team-up.Huck and Jim go down the Mississippi River overcoming obstacles by townspeople looking for runaway slaves,duke,and dauphins. Then JIm gets captured by the duke and is sold to a local farmer for a large reward.After Huck finds the place where Jim is held he finds out that they have mistaken him for Tom.He finds out that it is Tom Aunt and Uncle Phelps.Then when Tom arrives he goes along with it and pretneds to be his younger brother Sid.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

After this terrible mistake Tom hatches a plan that will surely get them all killed b ut does it anyway.They brake Jim off the chains and make a run for the boat. When they get on the Boat Jim sees that Tom has been shot in the leg.Jim sacrifises his freedom and goes back to get Tom a docter.

The next day Huck finds out that Jim was free all along and that since he left it Miss Watson it showed that he died two months ago.Then Huck found out that the bodybtheybfound on one of the islands they visited was his dead father. Then Aunt Sally says that she will adopt Huck but he says hes tired of being sivilized and is moving west.


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