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Social Studies

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Social Security now Social security has always been here to try to help people. Social security now helps with retirments, enjuries, and death. It helps people with inadequate or no income.

Social security during the Geat Depression Social security was origanaily just a retirement program, under the 1935 law. Social security only paid retirement benifits to primary work.

The SSA was signed by FDR on August 14, 1935.The SSA is still going on to this day.Interesting Facts* The social security has a list of the most commen names in the U.S.*They have a total of 453.7 million different social security numbers since november of 1936.* They do not resign social security numbers after someone dies.*Social security is not an identification.*The SSA has expended over $11.3 trillion.*It was originaly called the Economic Security Act but was change in the congrestional congress.*The first person to get Social Security benifits was a man named Ernest Ackerman who got 17 cents in January of 1937.

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Social Security Administration


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