SS11- WWII- The Battle of Hong Kong

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Social Studies
World War II

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SS11- WWII- The Battle of Hong Kong

Time Line

Japan First Attack to Hong Kong

December 8

First Canadian casualties

December 9-24


losing, losing, losing...

War Ended

8-25th December,1914


December 7

The Battle of Hong Kong...

Canada sent battalions (POWs)from Winnipeg and Quebec to reinforce the British

Due to the aggression of Japan, she attacked Hong Kong, Britain’s colony.

Pre- War

1700 Canadian (POWs) faced brutal conditions and were later used as slave labour

Encouraged the anti-Japanese sentiment that culminated in the internment of Japanese Canadians

Hong Kong surrendered

Japanese destroyed the few aircraft of the Royal Air Force.

Two men of the Royal Canadian Signals were wounded.

Ironically showed the demand of Japan to Hong Kong and Canada-- SURRENDER

"Surrender?" "NO!!""Surrender?!" "..."

By Veronica. W

The success of Japan enhanced her aggression to attack others countries. Furthermore, the aftermath of this battle angered Canadian, and Britain. This implied they would revenge on Japan, via the after-war treaties.


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